Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How Does Your Editing Process Work?

Each client relationship is different, of course, but generally, this is how it goes:
1. I receive an electronic copy of the text to be edited.
2. I print out the text and edit it on hard copy the "old-fashioned way," with a sharp pencil and lots of scribbles and marks. I use standard copy-editing marks and clearly mark any queries I have for you so that you can address them to your own satisfaction.
3. Once the text is edited on hard copy, there are electronic changes to be made. I can do these for you, or you can do them yourself. If I know that you are going to do them yourself, then I'll be extra careful to make my marks clear and simple to understand (otherwise, I use even more editing shorthand than usual).
Many clients like to make the changes themselves so that they can see exactly what is happening to their text as each change is made. Other clients don't want to think about it that hard and just need me to make the electronic changes myself and call or email them with any questions.
4. Once electronic changes are completed, a final edit is often useful, especially if the first edit involved a lot of substantive or organizational changes. The second edit, then, can focus more on grammar and smaller changes.
5. After the final edit, any errors discovered will be corrected by me (and a new electronic file provided to you) at no charge.