Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another First-Book Client Sees Success!

About half of my clients are "first-book" writers. They are good writers who just need a bit of help getting their manuscripts ready for the wide world of publishing. Ann Jorgensen is my most recent book client, and I'm proud to announce the release of her really wonderful book: Grace in the Shadow of the Cross: One Woman's Journey from the Darkness of Abuse into the Light of God's Love.

This wasn't just a first for Ann. It was a first for me, too. It was my first time editing a creative autobiography. Ann's book is 100% true (as any autobiography should be), but it's told from three different perspectives—literally, three different voices. And the voice that represents Ann actually grows and changes as the book progresses (and she progresses through her life). 

This creative twist makes her already fascinating (and've been warned) story even more engaging. And I'm immensely proud of her. If you've been touched by abuse or even just care about the welfare of children, this book will give you some excellent perspective not only on the terrors of abuse but the healing that can come for its victims.

Ann's creative autobiography is a great genre for those who want to tell their own incredible story.

Ann chose to go the self-publishing route, even though I feel confident that she could have had a healthy shot at a publishing contract, because she already has a fast-growing public-speaking agenda based on her story. So her purchasing audience has already begun to be established. She chose Xulon press, which specializes in Christian-themed self-publishing. Their rates and processes seem fair, and Ann would recommend them.

Xulon also created a YouTube trailer for her. I didn't get to edit that, so please don't check the punctuation too closely (eeps). But the trailer is pretty cool, so I wanted to pass that on to you, too.